New challenges confront your organization each year, requiring new skill sets to best address them. Hiring and training permanent staff for a temporary need is time consuming and expensive. These high-level staff members can later be under-occupied on a weekly or monthly basis, placing added financial stress on your organization. MISSION CONSULTING provides the perfect alternative. Consultants are poised to help, whether called upon for two hours or two years, to meet the challenges you face.

MISSION CONSULTING is a consortium of talented, conscientious and dedicated professionals who excel in their respective fields. They bring much to the table: objectivity, broadened perspective, independent viewpoints, diversity of experience and a fresh analytical approach, but most of all expertise. United by the common desire to assist organizations that improve the health and well-being of people, MISSION CONSULTANTS commit their best efforts to the task at hand. These efforts are best described in the context of four basic disciplines: MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY and THIRD SOURCE INCOME.


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